Our readers reveal Lahti’s best pizza places

Where can you find Lahti’s best pizza? We conducted a survey to find the answer. Photo by ESS/Archive. Kuva: ESS/Arkisto

In March, we asked our readers to tell us which Lahti pizzeria serves the best pizza. With more than a thousand people giving their views, Dalaman in Tonttila was voted Lahti’s number one pizzeria. The legendary Mamma Maria, located in the city centre, was the second most popular choice with readers, just ahead of Saha, a newcomer to Lahti.

The top ten pizza places are listed below.

With a large number of respondents also giving reasons for their choices, pizza is clearly a dish that Finns have strong feelings about.

In the case of Dalaman, many of the respondents mentioned excellent customer service as one of the restaurant’s selling points.

‘For years now, they’ve offered guaranteed quality, the chef does not stint on the toppings, the service is good, and it’s great value for money! I keep coming back because I know what I’ll get: top-notch food :) Full marks, and then some.’

‘Their pizzas are made with love and plenty of toppings and cheese. They are not greasy, and all the ingredients are top-notch and tasty.’

‘Their tuna pizzas are not dry. And a tuna pizza is a good test of a pizzeria.’

‘I’ve frequented Dalaman since it opened in 1996, and the pizzas have plenty of toppings and the ingredients are always of good quality. They never use the cheapest prawns. Service is friendly and quick without fail, even at busy times.’

‘Growing up in Tonttila, I only ever had pizza at Dalaman but then we moved to Villähde and I really missed those pizzas. Now that I’m back in Lahti I wouldn’t consider ordering a pizza from anywhere but Dalaman. Fluffy pizza bases, enough toppings, and I’ve never had to complain about a pizza. The staff are really nice too.’

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